Tommy is an outdoor educator who has over 15 years experience in multiple outdoor sports. With a strong background and education in Team Facilitation and Outdoor Instruction Tommy uses his time and talents to share the great outdoors with anyone who comes along the trail. From whitewater kayaking to exploring the back country Tommy brings a fun filled excitement and energy to the team. Want to know more about Tommy? Follow us on Social Media and see where he will be going next.


Angela is a Family Nurse Practitioner who enjoys running, adventure and travel around the world. As a mother of 4, Angela spends her time finding that the little things in adventure are sometimes the sweetest. A good cup of coffee at the top of a Mountain during a sunrise is what she considers perfection. Want to know more about Angela? Follow us on Social Media and see what a dynamic she brings to the team!


Billy is an outdoor enthusiast with a professional background of 15 years of service to the United States Government. From East Tennessee, Billy has a passion for mountaineering, mountain biking, diving and skydiving. Unsurprisingly, the overlanding concept affords Billy the opportunity to share his love of the outdoors and desire for exploration with family and friends. Want to know more about Billy? Follow us on Social Media to see what next adventure awaits Billy and his friends.


Beth is a Nurse Anesthetist with a passion for children wherein her career with Children’s Hospital in the realm of anesthesia is a symbiotic fit.  Beth’s heartfelt passion includes crossfitting, hiking, traveling, and diving.  The overlanding aspect provides Beth the opportunity to escape the dynamic stressors of providing professional anesthesia care for kiddos.  Want to know more about Beth? Follow us on social media and see what unique perspective Beth brings to the team.


Dara, originally from the Washington, D.C., area, has always had a love of the outdoors. After moving to New Mexico in 2006, she developed a passion for mountain biking, through which she met now husband Scott. Dara’s interests include hiking, skiing, water sports, travel, and cooking. She enjoys the opportunities for adventure travel and outdoor exploration that overlanding provides her, Scott, and their “trail dog,” Barley. Dara works as a civil engineer in Knoxville, TN. Want to know more about Dara? Follow us on Social Media and see what adventure she is chasing!



Scott is an experienced outdoor enthusiast with a background in off-roading , backpacking, winter camping, and mountain biking. Scott currently works in the law enforcement field, but also has a background as a paramedic. Scott and his wife Dara have a passion for the outdoors and exploring which made the progression to overlanding a natural fit. Follow us on Social Media and see what trouble he has found.


Scott has had a passion for the outdoors since he was a kid, whether it was camping in boy scouts our hunting with his father.  Recently he spends his free time on two wheels.  He loves to travel the world by BMW adventure motorcycle or bike packing on his fat-tire mountain bike.  He has traveled to over 30 counties and he is always open to an adventure.  Scott is an Army veteran with fifteen years of law enforcement experience.