Proline 4WD, The Real Deal


 At BOLD Overland, relationships are an integral component linked behind the motive and desire associated with the overlanding community. Regarding sponsorship, Team BOLD made a commitment to each other to seek out companies that foster the ideals, values, and tradecraft thereof. Proline’s first product was unveiled to our team at Overland Expo East in the fall of 2015 by a fellow overlanding enthusiast, Kerbin Rosario. Kerbin, or El_4runner by instagram pseudonym, was running a TRD Pro 4Runner completely outfitted by Proline. Upon discovering Kerbin’s ride, I immediately noticed the clean, functional, and dynamic lines his rig portrayed. After some bread breaking with Kerbin and his family during the monsoon like precipitation at expo, we decided to further inquire about Proline 4WD and what they were all about.

12341645_437740393096028_579414610722801165_nFast-forward a couple months to a moderately warm December 5 a.m. morning, where Scott and I performed final checks on both of BOLD Overland’s 5th Gen T4R’s. That’s right, I did say 5 in the morning, which meant a 0400 reveille for all you military types;) Our mission…arrive at Proline 4WD, in the illustrious city of Miami, for a complete outfitting of BOLD’s flagship inferno TRD Pro T4R and some hardware for the luxuriously limited T4R.
15 hours later, after a mid trip balance of the KO2’s and multiple stops for sustenance, we arrived. Roughing it at the Hilton Downtown Miami, Scott and I refueled with a gourmet burger and craft IPA. Shortly thereafter, we lost consciousness in a hibernation that could rival any Smokey Mountain Black Bear for the night.IMG_3526

After eating a hearty Hilton breakfast, Scott and I retrieved our rigs from a very intrigued pair of valet tenders while performing final checks on the cameras. As Scott and I traversed the industrial heart of Miami, we spotted a highly modified Jeep Wrangler JKU sporting some serious cold steel and sex appeal; we had finally arrived at Proline 4WD Equipment’s Den. After exchanging pleasantries with Fernando, the GM of Proline 4WD, we were given a tour of the facilities and discovered quite the collection of overlanding gems. Did I mention the BJ73 Toyota Land Cruiser that immediately sent me into an overlanding vehicle lust downward spiral? After gaining some depth and perspective of the history regarding Proline, it made logical sense on why that flagship caliber of a rig would be included in inventory.

After drooling over the BJ73 for a hot minute, Jesus, the owner and overlanding entrepreneur, casually pulled up in a heavy-duty rig loaded with shop gear and equipment. IMG_3555
Jesus is no stranger to the overlanding sphere, having been in the game for decades with the associated experience thereof. Originally from Venezuela, Jesus brought the experience and coveted Proline name from his highly successful off road outfitter in Barquisimeto, Lara, Venezuela. Moreover, Jesus completed a two-month Central and South America expedition over 15 years ago that rivals anything the community has seen lately. Fernando, friends of Jesus, was recruited recently to supplement the experience of Proline and bring a fresh perspective to the table. That said, Team BOLD (-) was accepted with open arms and extended the mi casa/ su casa principle un-hesitantly; unsurprisingly, it was now time to get to work!

Completely set up with state of the art technology, Proline’s dedicated crew immediately went to work on the T4R’s. Watching Jesus gracefully operate the Torch Mate CNC apparatus and sophisticated computer software was complimented by the ruggedly strong yet refined metalworking skill of Gustavo, Miguel, and Isaac. IMG_3554Altogether, the collective effort of Proline’s crew proved efficient and solid across the board as they unselfishly dedicated their unfettered time and attention towards our rigs. After a couple solid days of unified effort in the shop, complimented by bread breaking at local authentic Latin American restaurants, Team Bold’s mission was accomplished and the T4R’s were given what they asked for.

Unsurprisingly, Proline 4WD Equipment most certainly lives up to the tremendous reputation initially established in Venezuela. The hospitality, work ethic, communication, and ethos displayed by our friends from Miami are simply unparalleled. Moreover, the crew was enthusiastically interested in concepts and ideas that BOLD Overland presented throughout the build process. In the realm of the consummate professional, there is no room for egotistical attitude; hence it was a pleasure swapping ideas and tradecraft with the Proline crew. The bottom line, if your looking for a functionally modern piece of overlanding hardware made in America, Proline is your source.

IMG_3551Semper Fidelis,

Billy Ross