At BOLD Overland, we would like to extend a very special thanks to all veterans and those continuing to serve.  Without the selfless sacrifice and call to duty, American citizens would not be able to enjoy the opportunity to engage freely in outdoor endeavors, including our passion for overlanding. 12227032_10206780094652329_6052064214162644631_n In the eloquent words of George Orwell, “People sleep peacefully at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.” Orwell reinforces the point that we must never lose focus of the crucial role the protectors of freedom provide.  

That said, it’s been over fifteen years since I stepped foot on the yellow footprints of the Marine Corps Recruiting Depot, located infamously at Paris Island, South Carolina. IMG_1657Quite frankly, reflecting upon my service to our beloved country brings forth a barrage of emotions and memories.  Throughout my service to the United States Government, I have served on active and reserve duty with the United States Marine Corps.  Additionally, I have operated as a High Threat Protections Contractor and Federal Agent within the military industrial complex.  Ultimately, throughout the Global War on Terrorism, I have had the pleasure of operating beside like-minded American patriots who believe in the governing principles displayed by our founding fathers.Con
sequently, my endeavors of service have taken me on the journey of a lifetime in which I have pushed the envelope of the extreme and learned the associated lessons thereof.  In regards to training, I have had the opportunity to attend some of the most challenging and professional courses the United States Government has to offer; I still smile when reflecting that I’m getting paid to do just that.  Furthermore, I have had the distinct pleasure of serving alongside America’s finest in the rigors of combat throughout the dynamic Global War on Terrorism. Therefore, I whole-heartedly understand the sacrifices made by those who answer the call of service and wear the uniform.  
12241352_10206780094772332_7565637845584099276_nTo transition slightly, although my career in government service has presented a façade of unique challenges, it has also been rewarding on many facets.  In the realm of overlanding, I was fortunate enough to be a part of multiple unique and dynamic endeavors.  Throughout my service in Afghanistan and the African Continent, I was provided the opportunity to push the pinnacle of Toyota’s line up through extremely volatile and unforgiving terrain.  Using the diesel Hilux, Prado, and Land Cruiser as platforms of travel and means of survival, we braved the desolate desert, rugged mountains, and remote dunes.  Ultimately, the precision engineering and unfettered reliability of our rigs proved paramount to mission completion; the capability of these relatively stock rigs with proper tire inflation for the proper application was unparalleled.  Altogether, here at BOLD Overland, we respect and appreciate those who have put and continue to put their lives on the line for the United States of America.  Throughout the past decade, the Global War on Terrorism has demanded and still demands an insurmountable level of commitment not only from those who serve, but their families as well.  Wherever your journey takes you on Veteran’s Day, we encourage you to take the time to reflect upon the meritorious service of the heroes that wore the uniform and paid their dues.  Moreover, keep those who continue to lay it on the line for our way of life in your thoughts and in your hearts.  

Semper Fidelis,

Billy Ross