So as I sit here drinking my coffee at Starbucks thinking about my first posting as a member of BOLD Overland, I am trying to decide how I should write this first article.  As I think about how we got started, I am proud that I have my fellow teammates around me. Originally, we started as an East Tennessee based overlanding club on Facebook.  While on group rides or at social events we would often talk about the most recent episode of Expedition Overland or Overland Bound and how we wished we could do that. Then one day, it happened. unnamed-1 A number of our club members attended Overland Expo East, and as we sat around the campfire, bundled up against the relentless rain and wind that assaulted us most of the weekend, we fantasized about attending more events like that one, and embarking on and documenting our own expeditions.  And we realized, we can! With a wide variety of backgrounds and areas of expertise, but a shared passion for the outdoors and adventure, our little group of friends was practically custom built to become an overlanding team.  Overlanding is about getting outside, off the beaten path, with a destination in mind, but with the journey being the principal reward. Our goal is to use overlanding in the pursuit of new experiences and adventures, and to document and share those experiences with others in hopes of inspiring them to do the same.  It’s not about the newest gear or the most modified truck, but about the memories you make and share with your friends and loved ones. IMG_2950Here at BOLD Overland we want to take you along as we get out and explore the world around us, traveling the back roads and trails in this great country of ours.  Just like you, I am expecting success and failures out on our adventures, but that is what this is all about – taking those ups and downs and learning from them to enhance our experiences. As an adventure travel web series our goal is to take you with us, show you what we do and how we do it, and in the process, what may be waiting for you just around the next corner.  We will highlight gear we use, techniques we try, cooking tips, product reviews, and other features, and how they help or hinder our experiences.  Most importantly, we plan to highlight the people we meet, the places we go, and the fun we have doing it.

-Scott Parker